photo by Mallory Lowe

Zandoli II is a Montreal-based DJ duo composed of Tonton Osman & G L O W Z I. Native of Djibouti, Tonton Osman is a music producer as well as a DJ. The local producer loves to do funky edits of musical gems as well as tight synthesizer melodies which glide onto the afrofuturistic percussions of his musical compositions. Of Haitian descent, G L O W Z I is a multidisciplinary artist who thoroughly enjoys letting her curiosity guide her through the majestic world of art whether it is through graphic designing, singing, painting of djing. Having started djing together since Summer 2018, Tonton Osman and G L O W Z I have played at multiple local venues and events such as Music Is My Sanctuary's 19th edition of 24 Hours of Vinyl, Datcha, Cafe Resonance's LO RES, Le Village au Pied-du-Courant, and many more. The duo has also taken part in musical initiatives outside of Montreal such as KURUZA (Toronto), ISO RADIO (Toronto) and PUCHUNCAHUIN (Chile). Furthermore, Zandoli II has recently secured a 2-hours monthly show on N.10.AS. Through their musical productions, DJ sets and live sets, Zandoli II aims to transmit their love, their curiosity and their passion for music with their audiences. 

 Au menu, funky, spicy and well-seasoned music only!

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