photo by Mallory Lowe

Multidisciplinary artists and producers ZANDOLI II are no strangers to music. The duo is comprised of producers Tonton Osman and G L O W Z I -- between them, they cover the myriad of creative fields exploring music, producing, multi-visual sensory practices, fashion, art, and design. 

Since their inception in 2018, they've brought exuberant energy to Montréal clubs, searing dancefloors with percussive Afrofuturistic edits and broadcasting genre-defying diasporic alternative Afrobeat, Afro-house, Electronic, Funk, and House across networks such as MUTEK, VICE VERSA, Rinse FM, Toronto's ISO Radio, and Montréal's, to name a few. 

ZANDOLI II pulls from their African-Caribbean aural memories to explore the alternative sub-genres of Afrofuturistic sounds: Afro-Caribbean, Amapiano, and Afro-house (South African House & Tribal). The Montréal-based duo elevates their eclectic Haitian and West African sonorities infusing multisensory, vibrant visuals, and live instrumentalists to melange into a funk-imbued and genre-bending experience. Their live production reflects ZANDOLI II’s intrigue into tracking the inter-generational flow of how past & future sonic environments connect to their ancestral movements from the African and Caribbean territories into Western cultural spaces. They dive deep to create an experiential rhythmic journey examining the human body's ability to physically translate aural and sensorial memories of their African and Caribbean ancestral landscapes and how the past permutations and transforms into their contemporary sounds. 

In July 2020, they released their first EP, III -- “A savant mix of afrobeat, house and a touch of amapiano cadences this project is sure to cross boundaries -- DJ ASMA,” supported by Music is My Sanctuary & Soulection. Having premiered their world debut show at MUTEK in September, ZANDOLI II are currently working towards recording their first full-length LP due to be released in 2021.

"CLASSICAL ZANDOLI" is a journey through sounds & frequencies inspired by their latest project III. and their live debut performance at MUTEK "Mirroring Shadows” with their fellow collaborators, the Wasafiris. 

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